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Framingham IT Support

Framingham is one of the largest retail centers in Massachusetts, attracting unique national chains like Cost Plus that haven’t yet made it to the Boston metro area.

IT Systems for Retail

The retail industry relies on IT for many aspects of day to day operations, from stock management to staff communications. Perry’s Networking can install whole new IT systems, from servers and computers to CCTV, everything you need to get a new retail store off the ground.

After installation we offer quality ongoing IT support so that any issues you have are quickly fixed, making sure your business network experiences 99.99 percent uptime.


IT Solutions For Old Buildings

Framingham has many old factories and other buildings converted to modern offices and apartments, and sometimes old buildings and new technology don’t get along well. Thick walls can interfere with Wi-Fi connections and make wiring improvements difficult. Small rooms with poor ventilation can cause problems for servers. Perry’s Networking has solutions for these older building problems. We’ll boost your Wi-Fi signal, use compact servers with built-in fans, and tailor a solution to your unique needs.