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Newton IT Support

joseph_carellaPerry’s Networking has been delivering IT services to Newton businesses like PSMJ Resources and Local Motion for more than a decade. Joseph Carella of Scandinavian Living Center, a longtime Newton customer said, “We have been fortunate to have discovered Perry’s Networking. The professional relationship that has developed over the years has always been based on the basic principles of trust, respect and commitment to excellence, all of which are important in solving important and time-critical IT issues.”

Many business directors like Carella may be hesitant to hire full-time IT staff. If your computer support needs are limited or intermittent, consider hiring our IT experts on a project basis.

Perry’s Networking serves a diverse cross-section of small and midsize organizations in the Newton area. Clients receive prompt support, remotely or in person, whenever the need arises. They get an entire team of tech support specialists at their fingertips for a fraction of the price of hiring one new employee. With our help, they’re able to take control of their IT problems while staying lean and mean.
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