Network Security

With the increased use of social media in business, simply blocking Facebook and Twitter for the whole organization may not be an option. Your network security services need to work with the needs of your business, keeping your system safe while also giving flexibility to the areas of your business operation that need it.

Perry’s Networking works with industry-standard network security hardware, software, and online services to deliver the right solution for your business policies.

Web Filtering

In today’s business environment, businesses rely on the Internet for access to important information and resources. While instant access to information over the Internet is critical, it can leave the door wide open for hackers and viruses. We offer Web filtering solutions that put you in control.

Firewall Solutions

Businesses today rely on communications with the outside world. This includes email, Internet and social networking to name a few. Perry’s Networking knows that it is imperative to allow these communications but also maintain visibility of what is happening on the network, making sure the entire network is free from prying eyes and malicious software. We put you in control as the gatekeeper, keeping the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.

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