Cloud Consulting

Do You Need the Cloud?

Cloud servers could be the right solution for your business. Or perhaps a hybrid solution of local and cloud-based servers is a better fit. We can walk you through those decisions.

Possible advantages are:

  • Less expensive and minimizes need for an in-house server
  • Fast for both office staff and mobile users
  • Company files are always available 365/24/7
  • Easy to use
    Outlook looks just like it did before. Opening your files happens the same way it used to. The magic happens in the background, invisible to you.
  • Doesn’t age
    No in-house server means no hardware or software to upgrade.
  • Worry-free
    Power and Internet outages, floods, hurricanes, meteorites, nukes, and whatever other unforeseen happening will not affect the availability of your cloud IT.
Migrating to cloud services, such as Microsoft’s Office 365, Dropbox or another service presents a number of technical barriers. Perry’s Networking will help demystify the cloud and show you how to join the thousands of Boston businesses that are already feeling the benefits of cloud-based computing. Just send us a note below and we’ll be in contact right away.

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